I can only imagine the many imageries that comes to mind when the word “Deliverance” is mentioned. For some people, it’s probably the imagery of a priest performing exorcism like many horror movies depict. For others – mostly church folks, it’s most likely an image of someone behaving strangely as a Pastor prays for them during an ‘alter call’. The truth is there is sometimes, strange sentiments associated with deliverance.

The word “Deliverance” according to Oxford dictionary is the “action of being rescued and set free”. Yeah, it’s that simple… it’s nothing spooky or weird. So many people in our world today are under the influence of demonic yolks that makes living in freedom unattainable. It is the same reason Jesus came to this world – the scriptures tell us in Gal 5:1(NIV) “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free, stand firm then and do not let yourselves be burdened by the yolk of slavery”.

I sometimes wonder how life must have been in the era when slavery was prevalent. Trying not to get too deep into this, but can you just imagine the dark and heavy gloom that the slaves must have felt by not having the freedom to do basic things, like going out to eat for instance, or going to a party, hang out with friends when you feel like it, and so many amazing things that makes this life colorful and fun?!

If you can imagine this, then this is literally how it is when someone is under a demonic siege. Everything they do is controlled by what the demon in operation wants them to do, and it’s usually nothing that benefits that individual, but rather, it is solely to promote the devil’s agenda on the face of the earth.

Whew! I am glad we got through the very intense stuff, because the good news in all of this is that Christ has already made provision for our freedom and deliverance! If you are reading this and know you may be needing deliverance in one or multiple areas in your life; it is no coincidence that you have stumbled on this post!

I pray that as you follow along in subsequent posts, the Holy Spirit will open your spirit’s eyes to see the specific actions required to aid your self-deliverance by the power of Jesus Christ. (Amen)

Thank you for reading…